Hello, hello, welcome, welcome! Come, take a seat, drink some tea (or coffee, or water, if that’s your drink of choice), and let’s chat about books!

Where this blog was once for the sole purpose of one’s (meaning me) school project, I have now decided to turn this into, well, an actual blog. Not that it wasn’t before, but we’re switching up the content a bit, expanding from simply talking about Slaughterhouse-Five (this blog’s original purpose- hence, the name) to books in general! Well, more specifically YA novels… for the most part… probably.

Now, if you’re still dying for some Slaughterhouse-Five based content, I suggest you look at the first 11 posts of this blog (you can find the first one here). I also have a mini-playlist if you want to take a gander. Otherwise, if you’re here to talk about young adult book-based content, the rest of the blog is for you! This blog will for the most part be surrounding YA books, since that’s what I’m mostly reading right about now, but there will also probably be some new adult/”adult” and middle grade thrown in the mix.

Reviews, tags, playlists, general book-ish fun, it’ll all be here (hopefully). I think this is a wonderful community and I can’t wait to share!

Wait! You should probably know some stuff about the person who created the content you’re reading, right? Let’s see, my name’s Claudine. You can find me ready for battle with a book in my bag (don’t underestimate the power of a hefty hardcover *cough* Order of the Pheonix *cough*) and a pencil in hand (I love pens, but they can still make me nervous to write with because they seem so permanent). When I’m not a couch potato watching Asian dramas or reading or writing, you can probably find me painting in my school’s scene shop, or in a classroom, you know, learning.

Also, just so you’re warned, I am Canadian, and it aggravates me to no end that there’s a squiggly red line every time I write “favourite”. We spell it with a “u”! Same with behaviour, cheque, colour, flavour, honour, humour, labour, mould, moustache, neighbour, parlour, and vapour… you know, just to name a few.

That’s all for now, I think. See you later!