High School Musical Book Tag

Hello, how are you? I’m fine, you know, other than the fact that summer is already halfway over??!! More than?! Craziness.

Anyhow, here we are, and here I am doing a tag for the first time! I love High School Musical; I think the first time I cried during a movie was while watching Gotta Go My Own Way for the first time… and maybe second and third and fourth (because feelings). And so I find this very fitting to be my first tag, though I was not tagged, however, I’m going to do it anyways. Because I’m a rebel. Just yesterday, I ran with scissors (note: this is a fictional anecdote created for the purpose of emphasis. I did not actually run with scissors. That is dangerous). Actually, come to think of it, there’s usually at least one person out there who’s like “I’m gonna tag anyone who wants to do this!” so let’s just say I was tagged by that person. Thank you that person. Anyways, I first found this tag over at celinereads (which you can read here) but you can also watch the original video here.

So let’s get started (finally)!

The Start of Something New – A new favourite genre/author/series

I don’t know what exactly constitutes as “new” but for this one, I’m going to go with the Alienated trilogy by Melissa Landers. I mean, I read Alienated earlier this year, and I finished Invaded last month so that’s still pretty recent right? I’m so excited to finish it off with United, which hopefully I’ll be able to get to either this month or the next.

What I’ve Been Looking For – A book that has everything you’ve ever wanted

So that’s not incredibly demanding. Do I have to only choose one? Maybe, but I’m not going to. Let’s see, Eleanor & Park, of course (because Eleanor. And Park, especially Park. And Eleanor and Park together. My favourite part is when they’re together. In the same room, building, planet, I’m not picky), Fangirl (because Cath and Levi and CatherWren and Baz and Simon and writing and introvertedness), and Isla and the Happily Ever After (because happily ever after and art and wanderlust). Just to name a few.

Fabulous – A book with the biggest diva

Okay, after pawning through my Goodreads “read” list, I have at last decided on Sophie from Take a Bow. She was quite the diva, a performer, of course (and on more than one account if you get what I mean). She’s mean, and self-centered, and annoys me, and when I do my re-read of Take a Bow this month I will internally roll my eyes whenever her name pops up.

Status Quo – A stereotype defying character

For this, I’m going to have to say Melody from Out of My Mind, which was overall a really inspiring book. I loved reading from her perspective of things, how intelligent she is and how frustrating it was that so few seemed to understand that. Makes you realize that physical setbacks don’t equate to mental ones.

Boys Are Back – The best bromance

I love Daemon and Archer’s relationship from the Lux Series. I don’t even know (care) if they count as a legitimate bromance but I find them hilarious. Their banter is always on point (do people still say that?) and the scenes when they’re together (ie. Origin, just the whole thing) are always a quality time.

What Time is It? – Your favourite summer read

I have to go with Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson (I swear I’m not copying) because it simply is the quintessential summer book. But fine, should I have to choose another one, I’d say The Unexpected Everything (I love Clark, maybe even more than Frank Porter… maybe), which really isn’t that far off from SYBG (obviously) but other than Morgan Matson books (though they’re perfect for summer), Anna and the French Kiss gives me all the summer feels which is strange because it takes place during the school year, but still.

Everyday – If you had to look at one book cover every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’ll Give You the Sun, by Jandy Nelson, is my absolute jam. The cover, of course, is truly gorgeous, which is perfect because it completely matches the inside of the book. It looks like happiness is radiating from the title, which basically sums up my feelings whenever I look at it.

Just Wanna be with you – A book you couldn’t put down

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon definitely. I literally sat down at 10pm the first Saturday of spring break, picked up the book, and finished it by 2am that night. I laughed, I (almost) cried, I loved and (almost) lost. It was wonderful, and I adore Maddy and Olly so much.

Scream – A character that frustrated you

**SPOILER ALERT (I think… am pretty sure, maybe… yeah)** for Lux Series. Just beware, okay?

You see, the problem is that I don’t get frustrated very easily oh wait, freaking frickin Blake from the Lux Series is going to feel my wrath should I ever get a hold of him. Please, let me go, I promise I’ll never come back. *comes back* I promise if you let me stay I won’t do anything. *does something* It’s fine. Everything’s fine… ARGH.

High School Musical – Your favourite fictional school

I kind of really want to attend the Gallagher Academy (from the Gallagher Girls Series) because it sounds so cool. I mean, they speak like ten thousand different languages, just for fun. And they have masquerade-type (sort of) balls and secret passageways and food (although I assume all schools provide food). Plus, I’ve always wanted to be a spy.

Humuhumunukuapua’a – The most ridiculous book/scene/character you have ever read

Okay, so I think Hold Me Closer by David Levithan is quite a ridiculous book, but in the best way? I mean, it’s a musical, but in the form of a YA novel? The Parade of Ex-Boyfriends especially I thought was both hilarious and ridiculous. But the whole thing is great, really, if not a bit of a spectacle.

Spring Musical Medley – The happiest ending

I love the ending to Winter so, so, so much. You can’t get much better than that, though there is still Stars Above (which I have yet to read…), not to mention Wires and Nerves, which starts a brand new series (which I also still have to read…), but Winter on its own is still a pretty perfect conclusion to the Lunar Chronicles. I just love when everyone gets their happily ever after.


Wow, if you’ve made it all the way here, I commend you. Thanks for sticking it through this post. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what your favourite High School Musical movie is! I think mine’s High School Musical 3. Here’s hoping this next school year will share a bit more resemblance to the movie musical trilogy we all know and love.

Oh! Also, I tag anyone who wants to do this tag. I’ll be that person.


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