Becoming Unstuck in Time


Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time” (23)

How might we be able to become “unstuck in time” in our own way?

Ah, so the name of this blog is actually becoming relevant.

I imagine that to determine whether we are able to become unstuck in time, we must first decide what it means.

“Billy has gone to sleep a senile widower and awakened on his wedding day. He has walked through a door in 1955 and come out another one in 1941. He has gone back through that door to find himself in 1963” (23)

In the literal sense, to become unstuck in time for Billy is moving from one period in his life, to another. He has absolutely no control over where he goes, and when. So unlike Billy, if we were to attempt to become unstuck in time, it would have to be different, because Billy never chose to become unstuck in time, he just did. We, on the other hand, may be forcing an action that is not meant for us. Still… that won’t stop us from discussing the possibility.

Imagine stumbling “through a door in 1955 and [coming] out another on in 1941” (23). This reminds of the wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia, except instead of a different world, it’s a different time.
Billy has become fluid, in a sense, fluid enough to be able to slip through the cracks that hold so solidly to the rest of us non-becoming-unstuck people. It is currently impossible for us to do that physically, but how about mentally, or emotionally?

Choosing to become unstuck in time in the here and now, we would have to change a few of the guidelines, such as legitimate time travel and the actual living in the bodies of our past selves. These may seem like the two largest components of what makes becoming unstuck in time becoming unstuck in time, but that’s exactly what I’m wondering. Is it possible, despite all our setbacks?


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