Time and Control

How much does time dictate our lives?

A lot, to say the least.

Humans, like all living creatures, are mortal- eventually, we all will run out of time. That’s why sayings like “carpe diem” exist, because we never know when our time is up, and we must seize every moment of it. But then how come so many of us keep our eyes so intent on the future?

“People aren’t supposed to look back” (22)

We look forward instead, but how about looking at where we are right now, and simply being content with that? No, we continue to look forward because we can’t help but strive to be better, to improve ourselves and our condition. How else can we move forward if we don’t look forward? It’s like riding a bike, or driving a car- you go where you are looking. You see your destination, and you go towards it, but sometimes, if you get distracted, you can find yourself drifting to one side or another.

Time doesn’t stop once the hourglass runs out of sand, or when clocks run out of batteries- it doesn’t run out at all as far as we know. Is time just something we put a name to, or a concept we created altogether?

Time is so often the enemy. We need more; we’re always running out, wasting it, racing against the clock to who knows where. We are essentially controlled every day by this intangible idea of time, that there’s only so much of it, and we need to make as much use of it as possible. It’s an idea created by humans, isn’t it? But because every single person on the planet is so corrupted by this idea, it’s impossible to break free.

I’m not saying that time is simply a figment of our imagination, only that we’ve become so obsessed with this thing. And somehow, something that we have created has taken complete control over us.


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