Introducing the Butterfly Effect

According to the Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions theory, also called the Chaos Theory, but more known to mainstream media as the Butterfly Effect, “the flap of a butterfly’s wings might ultimately cause a tornado” (Peter Dizikes, February 22, 2011).

A visualization of the theory, though obviously, the butterfly most likely doesn’t feel this way, the outcome remains the same

Essentially, Lorenz’s theory proves that “forecasting the future can be nearly impossible” (Peter Dizikes, February 22, 2011) because it’s constantly changing, every detail in every living and non-living organism in the world affecting future circumstances.

“All moments, past, present, future, always have existed, always will exist” (27)

This theory, however, completely rejects the idea of time not actually being linear, because how can everything happen at once if one thing supposedly leads to another?

Which theory is true? Could there be any possibility that both are?

One of the most iconic time travel movies, “Back to the Future” also deals with the butterfly effect when Marty McFly has to go back in time to save his parents marriage, and by extension, the outcome of his life.

This theory believes in-cause and-effect, as do most people. It’s rational to believe that one thing leads to another, but how can we know for sure? It’s what messes with people again and again as they wonder what might have been, if only… Because we don’t know what might have happened if Jennifer wore a blue shirt instead of the purple one, or if Michael hadn’t gone to school that day. The future becomes something so vast and unknown because there are an infinite amount of details that create it, and yet we still try to control it, though what happens to us may not even have anything to do with our own actions.

Everything is possible. That is, until we prove otherwise. But there is not enough room in the universe for every theory ever to be true, so where do we draw the line?


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